Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Teapot Tuesday

Mothermark really encouraged me to do a card for this week's Teapot Tuesday. I have let my cardmaking go in favor of knitting, teaching and just sulking that summer is over. But when she said we needed to make cards for a young man who was attacked by a vicious dog, I had to respond, been there done that, understand completely!
So here is the card that I made for the young man who loves racing and Dale Earnhardt.

Man’s best friend? Oh gimme a break
That’s more than a friendship should have to take
I know how he feels, been there and done that
I too had a dog make a vicious attack
It happened a year ago, really was bad
That’s why this teapot story made me quite sad
But I healed and went on with the help of some friends
I hope all our cards will help Jesse to mend.