Saturday, August 29, 2009

Wallpaper inspiration

Splitcoast had a wallpaper site for their Saturday inspiration. Can you believe this wallpaper is made for on a ceiling! How fun is that!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Anniversary of a birthday

My neighbor Sam celebrates the 25th anniversary of her 59th birthday early in September. I made this card for her.

Her house is full of fake flowers so I had to include a few.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Found a Queen Cat

Just found this blog and a card I really wanted to try.

You can see that it is very similar but turned on its side.

Heyyyy Lisa !

Made this card with a paint chip and some new paper that I had to have ...

Oops, late again

My sister's wedding anniversary is tomorrow. Even if I catch the mailman, which is unlikely, this card probably won't make it to Wisconsin in time.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

When the world hands you scraps ...

When the world hands you scraps ... I just made this cupcake card from the scraps of my sketch card with the kitty. The ribbon is the same color as the cupcake paper, I have no clue why the scanner washed it out so much. But I tried taking a picture outside in the daylight and wasn't thrilled with that either !

I am still playing with the background paper I made a month ago - which kind of ties me into a color scheme for the month as well. I should make a whole new batch of it for fall.

At any rate is my card for today's sketch at splitcoast plus a new cupcake card for my cupcake pile.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Free vet check

We are playing "CLUE" over at mothermark's blog
and I found this cat hiding in the flowerpots. Seemed only natural to have the card hiding in the cats ...ha ha ha

Then I took Snickers to the vet for her baby kitten to one year weight check. The vet didn't charge me! So this was a perfect thank you card ... I wrote"Thanks for checking on my cat ... "on the inside.

SERENDIPITY !!! I keep making these silly teapot cards and then finding a perfect use for them!

Monday, August 24, 2009

JoJot's Cards

These are cards I made over the weekend - The Sun Days card is for Mike when he does his big race this coming Sunday.

The frog card is for my friend who starts teaching Kindergarten next week and has a theme of frogs for her classroom.

Cats and Cupcakes

Oh this card was really fun ... kind of makes me want to start all over again with my 30 cards for 30 days ...

You might notice a similarity to mothermark's card here:

Cupcake again ... new and improved

Cat note: revised this cupcake today - just didn't like it the way it was ...
But I kept the shiny cherry on top.

Ever get the feeling you don't know when to stop? I remember when I was doing cake decorating, I never knew when enough was enough. And then when I was a quilter I never knew when I had just the right amount of quilting. Well, the same doubts haunt me with my cards. I made this card for Amanda's 30th and was thrilled with it but now I am thinking, gee, if I would make one more layer for the frosting part and raise it up a little, then stick the cherry in it, that would look even better. Debating with myself ...

I do love my new camera though. It is idiot proof which means I can use it. It's an Olympus 5010 12 mega pixel, but better than that, it's a turn it on and push the button kind of affair. Works great for my totally un-technical mind.

Now ... should I make another layer .... or not? Hmmmmmmmmmm

Cupcakes ... new and improved

If you think you have seen the card below, I just revised it into the card on the left. Better?