Wednesday, July 6, 2011

So sweet

Looks better in person ... although those chocolate chips look yummy no matter where you look at 'em!

Teapot Tuesday - a Sandtrap!

I am really not into golf much, but I can identify with a sand trap --- having had sand trapped in my shoes, in my hair and in other places too ...

My card today uses all Paper Temptress papers --- I am loving the reversible brown bag paper and the cloudy vellum over blue vellum.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4 of July!

Today was my day to post over at PaperTemptress, and if I scheduled it right, my post will go up on time.  You can pop over there to see some close up shots of the detail.  But here are the cards I made for the occasion.

There would have been 3 more cards if my CAT HAD NOT gone crawling up on top of a bookshelf and into the rafters above my stamp room in the basement and under main floor of the house.  I had a panicky hour while I tried to entice her to come out and wondered if Mike would allow the house to be torn apart 2 x 6 by 2 x 6 just to get her out.

She did eventually emerge, dusty and ready to find another place to explore.

Somehow my muse abandoned me during the hunt!

Spotted background ... my favorite
Shadowed background
Create a scene

I have 3 more flag toting Tillies to make into cards ... another day.