Saturday, February 26, 2011

Challenge weekend goes on!

Virtual Stamp Night at Splitcoast, part TWO.

I missed 1:00 and 2:00 but at 3 we had to do a card using soot stamping. I didn't have a candle other than a citronella pot, so I had quite a time sooting up my glossy cardstock in it.

At 4 we had to do a card showing a lovie from our kids --- David had this plaid blanket, Amanda had a stuffed giraffe, and Steve loved the book Good night Moon.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Virtual Stamp Weekend at Splitcoast!

Wedding Song card

Every hour on the hour, there was  a new challenge posted.  Here they are in reverse order because I can't make Blogger behave.

Card 5 10:00 ... A card with a lady in red to celebrate heart health.  I have GOT to get to bed now, as I am hoping to do a 2 mile run tomorrow at ... ugh ... 8 AM!!!

Card 4  9:00   A card with 2 or more techniques:  marker tapping for the rain, gray shadowing around the frog, and blender pen warts!

Card 3   8:00 PM  --- Song bird ... I love this image and copic colored it.

Sketch Card
Card 2   7:00 PM--- based on your wedding song???  We didn't have a wedding song, only a small wedding after college, we were both pretty broke, a nice dinner after and that was it ... but I loved the song Cherish by the Association, I remember arguing that it was a pretty song even though it was mostly one note on the piano which made it very easy to play ...This will be my card for our 40th Wedding Anniversary in June.

 Challenge number one - 6:00 PM - was a sketch, in the shape of a heart and its 4 chambers. With the image of blood pumping in my mind, I switched to water pumping through an aquarium and made this get well cod. Yup ... it says cod. Although there are really 4 cod. Cods?  Goldfish!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wednesday Sketch Day!

Here is today's sketch from Splitcoast ...

The joy of doing a card a day late is that I can also do the Ways to Use it Challenge which is to use GRAY as a background. A little different to color on, but very effective I think with the black and the pink.

This card was made for my yahoo copic group's challenge this month - I drew the image and you can grab it and use it too ... HERE ... and the text was from HERE.  Image was colored with copics, and I used a blender pen in the indentations in the cookie on top, can you see it?  Just touched it to the chocolate color and let it pool into a little circle.

You can play in the challenge too ... group members get to play twice, but anybody with a copic in their hand can play and have a chance to win some prizes. Of course if I tell too many people I won't win the cryogen paper or the coupon from Oozaks, but I really think it could be fun if more people played.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Teapot Tuesday

I had this card finished early ... Mike is traveling for work which means I give in to my crazy sleep schedule and don't feel guilty about it. The teapot was MOST unusual and the story to go with it requested elegance ... I was SO tempted to make an elegant lady and then put her in scruffy running shoes but ended up using the shoes I colored and cut out on my turtle instead.  My lady uses the dress technique from Sunday, I had the template sitting on my table so it was a no-brainer.

Not my usual style, huh !!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Man man man man manly men ...

Free digi for you - png
If you watch "Two and a Half Men" on TV as much as we do, then the song from my title will get stuck in your head too and you will be going around the house going "Ooo ooo ooo" to the melody.  The challenge at the Copic Musketeers Blog is to create a manly card.

To me, a manly card is not a cute little 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 inch card. Just the envelope alone says "girly."  So I made my card in a nice manly business size, the size a fellow can bring in from the mail and not feel embarrassed about.

The text is free here and I drew the ice cream sandwich, which I posted for your enjoyment - feel free to snitch it off the site, I am honored when somebody likes my drawing enough to use it.

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Orchids from Amy ... Phalaenopsis Maria Theresa

How do you capture such a gorgeous flower.  Actually drawing the GROUP of flowers turned out to be quite challenging for me!  Now that I have the drawing ( please grab it if you want it ) I want to somehow recreate the vibrant colors.

Maybe if I would tear the pages out of my sketch book, I wouldn't get that gray shadow in the corner of my image. Oh well, I really like to keep them all wirebound together.

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Phalaenopsis Maria Theresa

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Copic Frog

It is 9 o'clock at night and I just discovered a really cool site --- plus they are looking for a new Design Team Member.  I have been on my own since my term with Firecracker ended and I like the direction and kick in the pants I get from being on a design team.

Scribbling with my copics at this hour under a light on my desk is not the way to make art or influence people, but I came up with this frog and the colors I used.    Then I whipped him into a card so I could get it submitted before the deadline which just happens to be ... TODAY!   So from finding it to posting the card was less than an hour. Imagine if I could take my time and work in daylight!  I doubt that they will choose me since the stuff I saw there was quite artistic and skillful,  but it was fun trying.  Besides I love doing warts on frogs. ( poke the blender pen into the ink and watch it spread into a well-defined dot!)

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President's Day Here I come

Actually I have to admit I don't even OWN a dress, but sure would love to squeeze into this one for President's Day tomorrow.   Inspired by this card on Splitcoast.

This card flips open at the top and says " You look younger every day" as a birthday card.