Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Teapot Tuesday at Mothermark's site ( see my left hand column for a link ) and here is the teapot she chose to inspire us. We are all to think of a lovely tea party in an Irish botanical garden, but were warned to wear hats in case the birds think it is their garden too.

I meant to pop out of bed and make a card but then a good friend emailed that her new job teaching kindergarten will have a frog theme in fall, so I was busy punching out frog parts to get in the mail to her. My card had to wait.

Once I got going, I realized I really am not into roses, but my new stamps from Elemental Doodles had some fall leaves that could imitate the flowers. Everything was fine until I tried to add a bird on top. That's when the cats got out and took a perfectly sane card and made it a little crazy. Oh well.

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