Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Card Sketch Wed

This card is not at all like the other cupcake cards I have been making for Amanda but gosh I love the look! Wonder if I should give this card to someone else and continue the "cute" sequence I have started for Amanda. ... what do you think?

My background paper was great fun - I got some Tim Holtz distressed ink pads and smeared them across a non-stick sheet. Sprayed them with a mist of water and sprinkled some pearl ex from a salt shaker - then pressed paper into it. You can't see the sheen that the pearl ex made but it is really pretty.

I made quite a bit of this paper -- you'll be seeing it again!

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  1. I can't think! It's too early. I do like this card. Lay everything out that you've got so far and put this one with the group, THEN decide what you think about putting it in the Top 30. Oh and I like your leaves and paper ~ cute! You can create even without a sketch! Is that like perfessering without a lesson plan??


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