Saturday, September 19, 2009

Alaska photo wedding

Son David called on his way to a wedding - he didn't have a gift, he didn't have a card, and if I would MAKE a card, he could tell them he was not late, he was merely waiting for the custom card to arrive.
The couple met in Alaska so I found a photo on the internet and made this card.

Nise, if you click to enlarge it, the blotches are from glue on my scanner bed and are not on the card >^..^<


  1. How did you know I would notice those blotches?? What a gorgeous card!!! Great CUSTOM job, Mom! I got photos from my pen pal in Alaska a couple weeks ago. A black bear, a brown bear and his Mom's back looking at a moose crossing the road.

  2. This is a wonderful card - very personal!

    Now, about your scanner - I get glue on mine all the time, too, because I can't wait for the glue to dry before I scan a card, and there is this amazing stuff called Windex....


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