Monday, September 28, 2009

Flower silhouette

Cased from this card and all in one layer. Lets see even the SANFORD post office try to say this one is too bulky!

Juliet talked me into making the ATC's ... and the technique is called ...stippled frames. ( But mine are cotton ball frames)


  1. Beautiful! Stippled frames technique - it could make a lovely little ATC (are you getting tired of hearing this from me?)

  2. nice soft colors to give it a lot of visual though! I like the corner punches too!

  3. So soft and pretty! Yep, the corner punches are winners. Don't you just HATE that when you go to the PO you usually end up feeling a bit PO'd at the whole process? So, it was an "eventful" trip, but you never said if she had the baby. What kind of Great Auntie are you?


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