Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Wild thing ... wild day!

I am cutting up my syllabus into black and white giraffes before I put on my pin stripe business suit and head to Saginaw Valley. The challenge over at mothermark was to use black and white to tone down a wild, out-of-control teenager -- some start for my psyche as I get ready to face my classes today, huh!
I printed the giraffes with versamark on the assignment section of my syllabus which I am telling you because you really can't tell what the giraffes were printed on.
But it did make a cute card. Then ... I got out the gel pen. Joan Bardee has been doing an "extreme makeover " thing on her blog and I thought I would post the before and after photo of this card. Not sure if I made it better or worse, but I had fun and that is why I make cards in the first place.


  1. Happy 1st Day of School, perfesser! And congrats to Mike !! I got tired just reading what he did! I think I'm wonder woman when I bike 5-10 miles around Jeff's and he's got some hills, too. GREAT use of your syllabus. And it's much cuter in giraffe form, I'm sure. And I'm not even commenting on what percentage might as well just start out with it in this form because that's as good as it's going to get...

  2. I love your little giraffe cutouts! very cute design on your teapot card!

  3. I like the little doodling and faux stitching, it makes it more "art" rather than craft.


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