Monday, October 19, 2009

60 birthday

I need to decide by Friday which of these cards to give to a friend at SVSU who is "celebrating" her 60th. (WHO celebrates 60? ... it is more like a rite of survival)
Which card do you prefer? I planned on the candles but they seem a little much. Directions for a "wiper" card are at Splitcoast. There is even a video which makes the whole thing make a lot more sense. When you open the card, the flag comes up. When it is closed, it is normal size.


  1. You're not alone with SCS problems - I consider myself lucky that I got mine uploaded with no details on the first attempt, and got the details added second time round.
    I definitely prefer the candles :D.

  2. I think I understand why you think that the candles are a little much, but they really go well with the "so many candles" stamp on the front. the lacy bit on the back flap is a nice touch.

    The color seems a little flat (it might just be the scan). If you have a glitter or metallic gel pen, how about adding some sparkle to the flames on those candles?

  3. Like the one with the elegant birds, although "so many candles" does mean more of them. Personally, I think you should use the "WHO celecbrates 60? it's more like a right of survival" as that's way cool, perfesser!


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