Thursday, October 15, 2009

Candy's Card Camp

Happy Holidays, all THREE of them.
Here you see Christmas and Thanksgiving.

Candy Diaz has a card class by mail. It comes with all of the pieces stamped and precut, so all you do is glue. It was a nice mindless project for a quiet evening with a sore finger!

The Halloween ones were a little heavy on skeleton images and I actually reversed the paper for the orange bats - just didn't like the big glossy skeleton head that was featured on the other side.
The layouts will be fun to try with other paper and stamps - and her coneflower is sure prettier than I could ever imagine.


  1. You are a better card maker than Candy is.

  2. Great holiday cards! Like them all. Interesting card kits from Candy. Do like the coneflowers, but I think you're right about the skeletons - blech! Why is your finger sore? Paper cut from all those midterms?? Congrats to Mike for being that close to Steve when all was said and done. Thinking sunshine and warm Indian Summer days for all the good it's doing me.


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