Monday, October 26, 2009

Pretty layout

Oh do I ever wish I hadn't broken my cuttlebug. Look at how this card looks with nesties. Oh well, this is my rendition. I was amazed to see how little purple paper I own. So out with the ink pad and scrape across some aqua paper. Did you realize I had done that? Of course you did.

The Christmas house is in response to the teapot challenge to brighten up the teapot and add some color. Nothing like Christmas to add a little color!


  1. Blue pumpkins and a dead green bug. What a life! Looks like you're getting fairly well acquainted with your new markers and I like the stuff you've been doing, especially your purple bird. Safe travels and would you see about bringing 10 degrees and some sunshine back with you?

  2. Again with that cute bird stamp! I really like the shading that you've done with it. Oh, and your christmassy interpretation of the teapot is very cool.


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