Thursday, February 18, 2010

Giroids again!

I just drew one giroid and next thing I knew I had a stack of them.
I was always hoping to find my niche in art but I never thought ( or wanted) it to be drawing silly giraffes. I guess you take the talent you are given -- but gee, couldn't it be cats, or flowers, or something else???

I cannot explain the bird on the head of one giraffe ... it was on my table and just had to land there -


  1. This looks like 10 hand drawn ATCs and the focal point of a card to me! How awesome would that be if I got those in the mail?

    You and your giroids are a real sensation!

  2. Cat....thank You for Your card!
    Its beautiful.

    Here is card

    Hugs, Marika from SLovenia


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