Monday, February 1, 2010

It only took 6 hours ...

This card took about 6 hours ... honestly, 6 hours. It is based on a tutorial by Michelle Zindorf seen here ... and while my finished result looks very different, I sure learned a lot along the way ...
1. You cannot substitute kaleidoscope embossing powder for clear embossing powder. It has a texture that catches the strands on your cotton ball which you are using because you don't have a sponge.
2. You cannot store white embossing powder in a hot closet over the summer and expect it to work. It doesn't. When you heat it, it clumps, then burns to the lovely golden brown you see here.
3. If you start with a piece that is 4 1/4 x 5 1/2, and expect to add borders, duhhh, your card will not fit in an envelope that is 4 1/4 x 5 1/2.
4. If you make enough mistakes, you can still be proud of your final piece and say, HEY ... look how I creatively changed the original.

That said, ... I do like Michelle's much more. Oh well.

Here's the next challenge ... and mine is turning out VERY dark. Maybe this is because I am substituting the colors of ink pads I have which are considerably darker. Guessing a star in the sky and I would have the sky at twilight - but then last time I added an evening star to a card that got too dark, it only looked worse ...


  1. Oh dear me- gasp- this is absolutely gorgeous! I love the shading so the center is lighter- even though you had 'incidents' along the way, your card is wonderful.

  2. This is a great card. It doesn't look like Michelle's but that doesn't keep it from being great! The flowers are much better than her flourish.

    Those are good tips, too. I will file the EP in the hot closet tip along with my "don't use dirty Versamark if you want the flowers to be white" tip.


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