Friday, July 2, 2010

Just one layer of sunshine

I have my own private battle with the post office. I have send ( and received ) such crazy stuff that now the postal workers all know me. If I try to mail an envelope, they instinctively pinch it here and there to find the pop top tab, the eyelet, the penny to make something roll down a tab ... and then they charge me for it.

So one layer cards really make me happy. I can stick 'em in MY mailbox with a stamp and know they will get where I want them to go without bouncing back like a bad penny .... for another nickel and dime.


  1. Great card- really pretty idea! LOL My PO, it depends on who is working......

  2. Love the coloring and idea!

  3. Ah, I hear your postal pain. This card is stunningly GORGEOUS!! Happy 4th, Little Firecracker!!


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