Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ellen's Cardinals

Ok the snowman is cute, but aren't these cardinals just incredible?  I must admit I nearly lost it trying to make them ... those beaks are about the size of a pin head. You might see some pin holes in them since I was poking them with a pin to move them, my fingers were just too fat.

I tried to stack them for the photo so you wouldnt' notice that the one guy lost his beak --- but of course it shows. Sigh. I just can't win. It is someplace on my table downstairs, or on the cat, or on the floor, or on my eyebrow. Think it is probably time to make another one. Ever try cutting a paper punch in quarters and gluing it?

Once again the inspiration came from Ellen Kemper's Blog ... you can find her cards here...


  1. These are fab, Cat! You're really getting a great start to your holiday card stash!

  2. Wow - these were intricate enough with the large ovals. Just because there are smaller ovals available...


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