Sunday, August 15, 2010

So Proud!

Son David called from Mexico City where he gave a keynote address. I made this card to tell him how I felt about it.   It didn't scan very well.

My sister Karen is celebrating a wedding anniversary this month. So I have been busy this morning!


  1. Awesome! What was the topic for his speech?

  2. Neat, manly card! Like the little tabs on the side. Your Copic drags are sure pretty. Darn shame you broke your camera. Read they are draining down Sanford Lake - - does that affect you? Did Mike do the triathelon there? See, I may not be quite the neighbor I once was, but I still care!

  3. I really like the cutting and piecing you did on the anniversary card. It's very special - the recipients will love it!


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