Monday, January 10, 2011

New Year's To Do list

Today is Steve's birthday ... it is tradition that when my kids turn 30, they receive 30 birthday cards.  I started it with David and then with Amanda I added a theme --- cupcakes, and sent a lot of them unsigned so she could use them again. Even gave her a box of envelopes. Then for MY birthday she sent me a card I had made ... hmmm.

Anyway, gotta start thinking Steve ... a year to make 30 cards sounds like a lot of time but it would help to come up with an idea or two.

I got so many goodies for Christmas to play with - David got me some truly unique stamps in New York where he actually met the artist who was drawing them.

Amy gave me a wonderful flowery- spring-will-come collection and I am thinking I could make a card to cheer her up as the snow and cold just keep on coming in Michigan.

Mike ventured into the stamp store and picked up some fun toys for me.

I even got a free stamp and card from Clear Stamps - a little thing for them to do but really made me feel special.

Spent a long time yesterday playing with my copics and a new design from Designed to Delight --- will need to make some of these into cards too.

So here I am on the computer when I could be making cards with all my new supplies!


  1. A card a day doesn't seem too hard but I'd better planning for one a week! LOl Some days are definitely more productive than others! Good luck!

  2. Well, thank goodness you are there and all right. I was kinda going thru cat withdrawals here in the mitten. And it's about 15 with s-n-o-w predicted for tomorrow. I am really intrigued by what David found for you. Please point out if you use them here on the blog that they are his contributions to your madness, er I mean, hobby. Hope you are enjoying some warmth and sunshine. And I need to work on the laundry, dishes, some cards and here I sit at the 'puter...

  3. You used to make a card every day - this shouldn't be hard for you at all! Just Go to Feline Playful, get your mojo going with some challenges, and stamp away!

  4. How awesome that you got some new toys to play with! Matt never buys me craft stuff : (


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