Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Year of the Rabbit ... and the Copy Cat

My friend challenged me to use her geisha drawing to make a card for Chinese New Year's.  I found an origami kimono on UTUbe and made the pink kimono. My copics saved me since some of my folds left the white back of the paper showing so I colored them in. ( I also left a stack of kimonos with BIGGER white folds showing on my table. I really should learn to clean up after myself!)

I think the drawing is incredible --- and really puts me in the mood for Chinese food for dinner.  I wanted the rabbit to be just peeking from behind her kimono.  Unfortunately my round punches are at the bottom of a plastic tub till the carpet gets installed ( and today we found out it is delayed a week ... ugh ) so I had to cut out her hair by hand. I think it ended up looking just a bit more like mouse ears than a geisha hairdo.

The word " blessings" is a punch my sister sent from HongKong, with translation and specific directions as to which end was up.


  1. Awesome! Also, I want that punch! Okay, I will put the images on my site.

  2. Cool! I have my card made but wasn't going to put it up until the 3rd. However, I'm seeing so many go up early...maybe I won't wait? That's a really neat punch!

  3. Okay, now I'm loving the dragon punch, too. You have some awesome punches!

    I like the expanded one that you have here. I don't know the word you have written, though.


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