Sunday, February 6, 2011

Zen heart roses

Roses seem awfully appropriate for Valentine's day and I found this great zen pattern of roses made with hearts.  Now to make a card with it!  I am toying with Juliet's idea of black and lacy for Valentines Day with my shoe drawing ... hmmm.... gotta do some serious thinking here.  I plan to use my shoe digi ... it is here and yours if you like.   Sorry about the poor scan, my scanner here is on its last legs.

This is actually a New Balance Shoe, not a Nike like I thought. ( Thanks Juliet! She sure knows her shoes!)

Card is already made in my head ... when I get it made in the real world, I will post it.

I did the drawing, but Juliet came up with a ton of phrases to use with it ...

"Excuse me while I slip into something comfortable"
"Let's go tie one on"       

"You're my solemate"       
"We've been together a long time"       
"I thought you'd get a kick outta this"
"I hope you aren't feeling run down."
"I shoe miss you"
"I'm baring my sole to you"
"Here is something lacy for Valentine's Day"
"Just do it!"
"Catch me if you can!"
"What can I do to jog your interest?"


  1. You're really going to town with the drawings... Juliet is right, it's a New Balance shoe.. but it's great regardless of which brand you drew!

  2. Your card is lovely, great job with Zen Buds, anyone would love getting this sweet, colorful valentine card!

  3. I love your rose paper - if it were a little higher resolution, it would be a great DP!

  4. Thanks for the shoe image! Like it a lot!!!

  5. Thank you for the tennis shoe. It is perfect, thank you bunches hugs Cathy

  6. Thank you for sharing this shoe image. Love the phrases you have put together to accompany the digi. Very good!

  7. Thanks for this darling image and the phrases to go with it. It will make a cute card. XX

  8. Danke für das schöne Freebie

  9. Thank you so much, with hugs Shirleyxxxxxx

  10. The digi is great for scrapbooking, but oh so cute with those sentiments for cards! Thank you!!!


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