Saturday, March 19, 2011

David's Apartment

David said if you look just the right way out of his apartment, you can see the Empire State building. But his favorite building is the Chrysler building. Not sure if he can see that one or not, but I put it on his New House card anyway.  The inspiration for the card came from Kirklands --- and a picture of that French tower thingie ... I wanted to try the background technique with it.  Mike is in France right now, but out in the backwoods, not near the Eiffel Tower. That kind of explains all my free time spent drawing ...

I shared the card on Splitcoast, and one person commented that they really love the cityscape stamps too. I took it as the highest compliment I could imagine!


  1. Did you draw the image on this card? If so, I am really in awe of your ability! It is amazing! Thanks for sharing-what is the background technique??

  2. The technique is to tap the side of the copic, resulting in a raindrop shaped splotch ... and do a lot of light ones close to the image then switch to a darker color. I used 4 different colors on the background. I think they are supposed to blend a bit better than they did but I am new to the technique.

    And yeah, I drew it! I am determined to make up for 60 plus years of thinking I can't draw. Probably somebody in kindergarten got mad if I drew a pink tree or something, who knows!

  3. I say it's time to give up English and head for the art department!

  4. I love it Cat!


  5. That is fabulous! I'm partial to the Chrysler building, too, and this is a terrific drawing that shows off the beautiful arched architecture stead of focusing on the point on the top. Excellent!


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