Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Teapot Tuesday Update

Happy Early April Fools!  That is what we all did with our teapot cards yesterday, posting only the worst and ugliest. Funny thing was, I got the same positive comments as I usually do over at Splitcoast, the April Fool's day joke seems to have been on me!  Not sure if mine will get the honor of being chosen Ugliest of the Ugly, but here is the real card I made for Tuesday.

 It actually looks kind of boring to me!


  1. I think the teapot is lacking texture or perhaps some lines of definition as to where the handle or spout are attached. Otherwise I like it.

  2. Yesterdays card was not a great card, but this one isn't much better. I agree with Susan, if you shaded it with copics (flowers, too), it would probably make a huge difference.

  3. Hi Cat, I 'follow' your blog in my reader. love the teapot & card theme.
    Wow, looks like you got some real honest feedback on your card! I think just a few rhinestones in the middle of the flowers would perk it up nicely.
    I've noticed you somehow get a picture and text and a picture up in the same area here on Blogger. I cannot get that to work any which way. How the heck do you do that?!!


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