Thursday, April 7, 2011

Knitting class thank yous

thank you cards for Annie and Kaori
My hat is drying on a dinner bowl after being blocked
I took two knitting classes in March -- one was for a hat where I learned to do color work. I think I chose the wrong yarn since a lot of the detail seems to have sunk into the threads of the blue, but I now know how to do it if/when I make another hat.  Kaori was very patient and shared stories of her family in Tokyo and how they were dealing with the disasters there.

The second class was for a top down sweater and poor Annie said she could help any afternoon I wanted to come in at 1 --- so my car now knows the way to Cocoa without using Garmin at all!
 But I am well on the way with my personally fitted top down sweater.

I made thank you cards for both instructors.


  1. Love the cards and hat! Can't wait to see your new sweater!

  2. Your hat looks great! I think this is the first time I've seen you use a house mouse stamp (and I am surprised, I didn't think it was your style), but it is perfect for your purpose!


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