Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Whaddaya do?

Whaddaya do if you are sending a thank you card to the QUEEN of copics?

You draw a picture of her and write a poem. I gotta play to my strengths!

Here Stands Suzanne and she's ready to dance
But our well-behaved class never gave her a chance

She taught us to flick it and flittered about
There were no stupid questions, or she’d call you out

Take off all the caps, there’ll be no sound of clicking
And all you will hear is the sound of us flicking

Suzanne told us stories all meant to amuse
As we learned all the colors that we should choose

We learned to do shading, we learned to do hair
She showed us the steps then she asked us to share

As we looked at our work from beginning to end
We all felt good reason to call Suzanne a friend.

I was extra lucky, I felt like a winner
Because I got to go along out to dinner

This wee little poem, this drawing of you
Is my way of saying, Suzanne,  THANK YOU!

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