Wednesday, November 16, 2011

See things MY way!

Card looks like this

Scanner changed it to this

My scanner has a mind of its own and decided to take my brown card and give it a dye job. So this is really the same card --- only the scanner wanted to see it green.

I had to fool with the settings to get it to see things my way!


  1. Maybe your scanner was telling you to make another one in! Nice card no matter what color it's to be!

  2. Yes, I still live and breathe. LOVE your coasters! Your card camp cards are divine, especially the flourished bird (DROOL). I am so glad you fought the scanner and you won. This card is sure pretty when it's displayed in the proper colors - rich, earthy and fall like.
    Hope you are almost close enough to count the hours til your retirement. Happy Thanksgiving!


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