Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Birds and Biscuits

Our friend Tony is celebrating his birthday on April Fool's Day. Since he is a bit of a senior citizen and glories in his shuffleboard, I made a shuffleboard card for him complete with Altoid "biscuits".  (Wikipedia assures me that the thingies they hit are called biscuits)

Unfortunately, he was a bit under the weather and didn't come to our Tuesday dinner party at Sam's, and now I am faced with either figuring out how to mail a card with altoids glued to it, or make a new card.

The new card is on the right. I kind of prefer it!

The birdie card is not original at all, I saw it at Nancy Zindorf's blog and had to make one.  Hers is prettier ... but I do like mine too.

Here is a link to her card.

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  1. It's absolutely darling Cat! It certainly makes me wish I had that bird punch!


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