Sunday, November 11, 2012

not exactly a card ...

I made this I SPY bottle to keep kids amused at Amanda's wedding.  I found little trinkets at the dollar store and in the button section at Michaels.  The rice was colored with food coloring and rubbing alcohol mixed in a plastic bag.  The cover is hot glued on.

Here is what is in the bottle:

Can you find these hidden treasures?

Diamond ring for the bride
Top hat for the groom
Flower for the bridesmaid
Star in the sky
Frog turned into a prince
Bell for the ceremony
Helmet for falling in love
Dice for luck
Paper clip to hold it together
Lucky penny to pay the bills
Clothespin for the fancy clothes
Button to keep things together
Eraser for any unhappiness
Seahorse to ride off into the sunset
Sea shell to hear the waves
Cupcake for dessert
Owl to tell when it’s nighttime
House for happily ever after


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