Sunday, August 4, 2013

Catch those happy tears

Amanda found a Martha Stewart tutorial on tissue holders and thought they would be cute for the happy tears at her wedding.

Here's the link:
or click here

It seemed each evening when I sat to sew, I did a slightly different design.
The first 50


  1. Aaah, what a great gift for the guests! And your work was lovely! Maybe for stocking stuffers or teachers gifts, too?

  2. What a great idea! I agree with Susan, your work is gorgeous. Could you post a link to the tutorial? Thanks!

    1. Here's the link for the kleenex holders.

      Thanks for your compliment! I will send you one if you send me your address.

  3. Gorgeous !! You are a multi-talented Mother of the Bride. Well, give us the details and at least one photo of you and Mike dancing please. nise

  4. You may be getting one in your Christmas card ...

  5. You hand embroidered how many? Oh my goodness - but what a cute favor!


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