Monday, August 24, 2009

Cupcake again ... new and improved

Cat note: revised this cupcake today - just didn't like it the way it was ...
But I kept the shiny cherry on top.

Ever get the feeling you don't know when to stop? I remember when I was doing cake decorating, I never knew when enough was enough. And then when I was a quilter I never knew when I had just the right amount of quilting. Well, the same doubts haunt me with my cards. I made this card for Amanda's 30th and was thrilled with it but now I am thinking, gee, if I would make one more layer for the frosting part and raise it up a little, then stick the cherry in it, that would look even better. Debating with myself ...

I do love my new camera though. It is idiot proof which means I can use it. It's an Olympus 5010 12 mega pixel, but better than that, it's a turn it on and push the button kind of affair. Works great for my totally un-technical mind.

Now ... should I make another layer .... or not? Hmmmmmmmmmm

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