Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Heyyyyy Juliet ...

She challenged me to do the card you see here ... and I followed the tutorial by Michelle Zindorf and came up with this card.

I think we should do this one next.


  1. Happy to see you haven't frozen to death down in the tropics. I am totally loving what you've been doing! That Juliet is way better than a cattle prod. Keep it up, as someday I might be stamping and needing the inspiration again. Only 68 days til spring!

  2. Gorgeous! Did you stamp the backgound patterned paper too?

    I will attempt the California sunset, but I don't know if I have any palm trees - it might be some other state. Oregon?

  3. Gorgeous- I made one similar in a class with her- with this stamp- Oh you have to sit and brayer with the master! Your card is wonderful Cat!

  4. this is stunning cat! I really like how the oranges and yellows blend so well! The bird is cute too -you need to put the stamp credits up so I can get some of these cuties too!


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