Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Delightful Inspiration Latte cups

Isn't this just the cutest image from Delightful Inspiration ... all the more delightful cuz I got it free >^..^<. You can scroll down and click on their logo on the left to go visit and get your own!

I got some permanent Bic markers and used them for 3 of the cups ... did one of the cups with my copics.

Can you tell which one is copic colored?


  1. This is gorgeous! I was just thinking about what I wanted to do with mine this morning.

    I think the bottom left is copic colored, not because the quality of the coloring is any different, but because I know you have those colors in copics. As far as the coloring goes, they look just the same to me.

  2. I can't tell!! Upper right?? Like I said in my email--this is so much fun!! And it reminds me of the famous pop art artist, Andy Warhol! Thanks for sharing how you did it on my blog!

  3. really cute!

    My guess is the upper right, purple one.

  4. I cannot tell the difference- but I love your cute card- and the coloring!

  5. Not sure, as I am totally marker challenged. This is really cute, though. When I first glanced, I thought the little whips of cream were snowmen and I was so happy to see you melting them. In the 30s up here - yippee!
    Happy Weekend!

  6. The rainbow cup - now, that is something! I would drink anything out of that cup!

  7. I think purple was copics :) I love this and so fun with the rainbow!


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