Saturday, January 9, 2010

Juliet made me do it ....

Juliet suggested I find inspiration at the Zindorf blog, and this is the card I am choosing to inspire me. Sometimes I need a good friend to kick my muse in the pants to get me going. One of the driving forces in choosing this card is the fact that I don't know where my brayer is ! I also would have liked to add gold brads ... but you can guess where my brad collection is located - ( where current temperature is 9 degrees, gosh I am glad to be here and not there.)

Juliet gave a good explanation of our challenge at her blog so I will direct you there if you want to see her card and her explanation.


  1. Did you freehand that teacup? Okay, now to create my own version...

    (no brayer? tsk tsk)

  2. So pretty Cat! I love the blues here :)


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