Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Teapot tuesday and a color challenge

I finally tried a color challenge over at splitcoast. I was halfway into the card when I realized my SU markers are in Michigan and I happen to be in Florida. I did my best with the copics but they look a bit blotchy to me.
Got out my Elemental Doodles Teapot - I love that little image! Then I realized I left ALL of my clear blocks for clear stamps ... in Michigan.
Duhhh what was I thinking!


  1. This sounds tragic. How are you going to send me any more ATCs if half your supplies are up north?

  2. DANG! If I could I would go get em and ship em down to you. Of course, since you're freezin' your heinie off, you can't send me 10 or 20 degrees in trade... Talked to 2 different clients down there this morning and both said 27!?! It was 25 up here. Stay warm and well and I hope the manatees & turtles pull thru this cold crap.

  3. Awesome card!! I love your coloring, it looks very mystical. The string is a super addition!!

  4. Tsk Tsk leaving your block in MI - shall I run up to your house and get them and then boogie down to see you? OH how I wish to be in warmer temps! Love the color choices on this one and how you added the fibers to it too!


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