Sunday, January 24, 2010

Tooting Karen's horn

Check out this card and this card and the ones I made just like them ... Karen Barber is the featured stamper at Splitcoast today. I love Sundays. Mike goes out running and I sit with coffee and look through the featured album, then go off all inspired to make a card.

Here are the ones I thought I could use as inspiration from Karen: Her room hummingbird quilt dragonfly circle all over pattern melon snowman snowman2 flower branches Zindorf scene black magic wreath blackmagic flowers butterfly

That's only from the first page - she has 6 more pages of fantastic cards. I like to keep my list here so I can go back to it later if my muse is missing.
flowers God's gift snowflakes weeds silhouettes snowman 3 folded snowman inside folded snowman black magic flowers mitten popup owl Z mountains shaded flowers Z flower hydrangea cutaway embrace cutaway snowman wisdom Christmas blessings halloween zebras and giraffes joy flower bird and flowers

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