Friday, January 29, 2010

Warm Wishes!

My desktop weather watch tells me that my dear friend in Michigan is shivering along with my kids in New York and Massachusetts, so a WARM WISHES theme was just the thing for the Christmas cards I started today. I joined a challenge to make 10 cards a month so that I would have a stash when the holidays roll around but when Jan 29th rolled around and I still hadn't started, I realized I would have to get moving on it! I did a one-sheet-wonder and cut it up to create the cards you see here. I know, I know, there are only 5 and there are supposed to be 10. Guess you can guess what I will be doing tomorrow! These are generic enough to be used for Christmas or Hannukah, although I guess the red and green are a Christmas thing ...

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  1. Either these are small cards, or you already used up more than one sheet, or I really really REALLY need a copy of your template!


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