Thursday, May 27, 2010

I'm taller!

I don't even want to discuss how long this card took!  The rhinestone gems are attempting to hide the crooked corners ... I REALLY should have used white bobbin thread instead of being too lazy to change out the brown bobbin, and I think I could learn to sew a little straighter! My card grew and grew until I ended up not having cardstock big enough to make the base card - so what you see as the back layer is a light green file folder cut down. 
I had my bone density checked today and was measured ... I am NO longer 4 foot 11 and a half. I used to always add that " and a half" just like a little kid proud to be closer to the next birthday ... Nope ... I am a sky scraping FIVE FEET !  I had her do it twice because I have never hit 5 feet by anyone measuring ever.

Possible causes are coming in like crazy --
Dear friend says that at the rate I am going I might need to change my logo to a giraffe instead of a cat.
DH said it's due to living in Florida part of the year.  We're at a lower latitude and we actually are spinning faster which creates a centripetal force that makes you taller.  Or,  maybe it's all of the swimming you do down there?  Or, maybe you hit a growth spurt?  But then he told me the sad truth ... people are usually taller first thing in the morning because the spine compresses during the day. Then the discs rehydrate during the night again.  Oh well, I was 5 feet tall for one brief moment. Guess it is not enough to go get my driver's license changed. ( Besides, they might ask me to update my weight ... we don't even want to talk about that!)


  1. Lovely card! Sometimes it's fun to run wild and let your card grow by leaps and bounds. To help with the straight stitching you could stick post it notes along the edges...just saying. :)

  2. I only get wider, never taller.

    I think I have that stamp - the stamen threw me for a bit. It's a lovely card.

  3. Cat
    Such a great card.
    I am so glad I am not the only one whose card just grows and grows. I have posted a couple of those. lol


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