Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tuesday Teapot

                 I really love the fish I copied and if you want him, feel free to grab the image:  I put things on my blog not so much because I think anybody else wants them ( although I am flattered if you do) but because then when I want them again I can find them!

Yup, if you look closely, this IS a teapot. One wonders what manner of tea would be appropriate here - certainly not your usual black or green tea.  She's not an Earl Gray either --- I am thinking Chai with peach.  I colored with copics and used my blender pen to make scales and dots.


  1. You captured this fish perfectly! I like my ish to be a little more Fred Mullet, but this is very cute!

  2. OMY you did your little fishy up perfectly!! This is really funny and cool!!

  3. She's lovely! Will she make iced tea, too?


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