Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Manga me? Zenn?

My daughter laughs that I even know what Manga means, but I picked up a book by Mario Galea and have been playing with Manga Drawing. Galea suggests drawing his manga first to get the feel of it then branching out and creating your own. So this is my interpretation of the manga by Galea. The copic coloring is all mine since manga is traditionally done in black and white, according to the book. I promised Pam at Firecrackers to try to create a fairy manga with zentangle wings. Now if I could put a Nancy Z. sunset in the background, color with copics and fit it all on a sketch card, I might lasso in all the directions my muse has been flying lately.

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  1. Awesome drawing- Ooohhhh- cool drawings- love the idea of the fairy-cannot wait to see it!


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