Monday, July 19, 2010

Thank you card

I have never sent a card to thank a merchant for great service .....  till now .... Not only was this place incredibly fast, but they sent everything in a cute little bag with colored tissue and a thank you card thanking me for my business.  WOW .... Wish I were more of a knitter, I would love to order more from this place!


  1. Cute card and a lovely way to let the merchant know you appreciate the way your transaction was handled. I've done this on occasion and always felt good about it.

  2. I have received beautifully packaged product from, but I think my best tale of excellent service was December a few years back when Pat Huntoon put gift subscriptions to the TJNL on sale. I emailed her and asked if they came with a gift card, to which she agreed. She stamped a magnificent technique-filled Christmas card and hand-wrote a note explaining my gift! That was way more than I was expecting!


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