Thursday, July 29, 2010

some Copic links

While I am in Florida, I have some blog entries date marked to pop up.

My friend Elaine sent me these links ...

  • The Creative Closet:  Love this video, and especially like that the colors she used are in the written post.
  • Zest Blog:  The link goes to the "Marker Monday" posts which have lots and lots of tutorials, remember to click on the previous entries link at the bottom to get all of the posts.  The "Marker Monday" link is also listed on the left sidebar. 
  • Heather's Heavinly Stampations:  Lots and lots of tutorials here, from various hair colors to skin types, and all are easy to follow. 
  • Thinking Inking:  GREAT tutorial on coloring a car, loved the result, and I hope you do too.
  • Icopic:  Lots and lots of tutorials at this link, and I guess you could also consider this a resource (actually all of these links are a type of resource : )
  • Debbie Design's YouTube Channel:  A couple of great videos here for you to view and pick up some nice tips.
  • Distinctive Touches:  The link takes you to a great tutorial on how to blend colors using a feather type of stroke with your pen, very well done and helpful. 

    • I Like Markers:  This is the "Cadillac" of resources, here you will find posts like this one, and just about everything you can image related to Copic markers.  In addition you are also exposed to color theory, composition and more are related topics, just a wonderful overall resource. 
    • Copic Creations Blog:  Wow!  Just amazing information here, everything you need to know and more, and there is always something new to discover as well. 
    • PaperFections:  Tons of information here, an amazing resource on all things Copic. 
    • Suzanne Dean:  Amazing videos, tutorials and templates to keep are resources. 

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