Friday, July 30, 2010

Zenn and Sun ... nice combo ... I am in Florida

I am in Florida visiting with my daughter but wanted to have some new postings pop up now and then. So hopefully I have figured out Blogger's scheduling and you will see new things from time to time even though my computer is alone on a table in Michigan while I am enjoying watching the tide.

I have started playing with Zentangles ( Juliet got me hooked. You may remember Juliet from the series of Zindorf tutorials we did a few months back ... HI JULIET .... ) and found a great site.  Plus this notebook is perfect for dragging to the beach.


  1. I'm guessing the notebook is with you to? nice job and hope your enjoying your visit!

  2. I'm on tanglepatterns, too - I think it is an awesome resource for someone with an IPad. For those of us who tangle without a computer handy, Totally Tangled is a nice book to have on hand.


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