Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wednesday Sketch Day!

Not sure when I will get a card made and posted, but here is the Wednesday sketch.  I am off to Lansing to drop off Mike and his bike, he is going on a 300 mile ride this weekend. I can think of things I would rather do, so I am totally OK with being left behind in my dry stamp room ( biking that far is bad enough, but he is expecting rain 3 of the 5 days! )

card coming later ...

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  1. Is he riding the DALMAC or whatever it's called that goes to the bridge? If you were that close, I am so bummed! You will be getting one of my new business cards so we can do lunch or something if you're coming to my new neighborhood again. Hope you're all ready to teach some Cardinals some good English skills, Perfesser!


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