Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Cool Idea to organize Copics

Lookee lookee at this ...

Is that not the coolest idea ever ... I am starting one right now!  Can't wait to punch 'em and organize 'em on a ring.  I ordered a 72 marker holder from 7 kids and guess what .. I just counted 89 markers. How DID I get so many????


  1. 89!!!!!!!!!!!!


    If I ever get that many, I'm going to blame it all on you.

  2. This is a SUPER COOL idea, however I don't have a one. Nope, not even one Copic. What I do have one of is the MOST DARLING snowcat card with a delightful poem and a festive green envelope and sparkles. And it gave me thousands of warm fuzzies, perfesser. THANK YOU for brightening my week!! Stay warm and well.


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