Monday, December 13, 2010

Teapot Tuesday

Teapot Tuesday is always my favorite challenge. I pulled out my pens and my copics and drew this lady, manga style, and will be sending the card to a 15 year old sweetie in Colorado who is fighting some nasty cancer and could use a smile.  I hope my card brings a grin to her face.  I always create a poem to go with my teapot cards, and my splitcoast friends convinced me to publish my poetry on my blog too... so here goes ...

Shoes were always ... better than slippers
That’s what my mom used to say
When we’d grow and poke holes in our shoes through the toes
From running around every day

She knew that good health is a gift much like gold
So she’d smile and just nod her head
She was happy to see us up running around
And glad that we weren’t sick in bed.

I think back to mom when I start to feel guilt
At the cost of a new pair of sneakers
How lucky I am to wear out my shoes 
Instead of slippers - and hospital gown peekers.

I’d rather be dropping big bucks on a bike
Than to be paying cash for a walker
WIth big fat tennis balls clipped on the wheels 
So that I can sneak like a stalker.

How often do I really stop and think
How lucky I am to have health
It is a gift and a treasure that cannot be matched
By any amount of wealth.


  1. Extremely well done, perfesser! Great colors, coloring, drawing, sentiment and you were truly inspired by that teapot. Oh and even though it appears comments aren't allowed on "Sweater 62", I just gotta say - PURRTee!! It looks so warm and I hope you're super toasty in it.

  2. I love this poem! It's very inspiring!

    Oh, and I love the cards that you draw!


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