Wednesday, January 19, 2011

sketch challenge Wednesday

Not sure if this is really a groundhog!

Now this is a sketch that warms my paper loving soul.I had to go looking for paper by rustling around since my stamp supplies are packed into tubs --- so far the carpet is pulled up and the closet is painted. Today I hope to paint the walls. This weekend we will order new carpet - and I am well on the way to a new guest room / stamp room. Need to make the decision today over the paint I bought and tried out in the closet, or trying a new warmer more yellowish beige. Decisions decisions. At least we chose the carpet yesterday.

Fun part will be putting everything back onto the shelves. I have such great intentions to be organized!


  1. No, this is not a Groundhog, but his shadow is good and your coloring is great. Sorry! And yes, I am an expert at spotting groundhogs. But it is the thought that counts, right? You're painting and recarpeting and there are no pictures for me to gawk at and comment on? I have about 20 paint samples taped to my dining room wall and I cannot pick one. They've been there for about 3 weeks now. My Mom and sister picked the bathroom color after I narrowed it down to about a dozen. Funny how I can know just the colors to use when I'm card creating...

  2. I can't believe you have a groundhog stamp!

    Now I see why you suggested I paint your walls - one of us has to do it!


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