Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Teapot Tuesday

This dog just reminded me of those oriental cats -- so I drew one and colored it to look like my cat Snickers.
  Then I decided I liked the pose from the photo instead and tried to draw that.

    Still need to make a card but I think this cat would look great holding the Tim Holtz sign post.

Drawings are jpegs and yours to take if you want to use them.


  1. Snickers looks just like my cat! My cat likes terrorizing parakeets, too.

    Isn't there supposed to be a card somewhere in this post?

  2. Hey, what's Snickers doing back there with that bird???? Love the drawing - sure you don't want to go back to school and get some art degree?

  3. Ok, I see the card - that's pretty funny, holding the mouse like that!

  4. Wonderful cat drawing - if it wore a sweater, it could almost be a self portrait!?!! You have many talents, perfesser! Thanks for sharing and since I don't have a blog, all I can share is only 60 days until Spring!

  5. Love your style, purrrrrrfect, thanks for sharing


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