Monday, February 28, 2011

Another virtual stamp night challenge

FEB11VSNL   Make a card with a kitchen or food theme ... bonus points to incorporate a key.

Ok my cards are now getting to the point of not being usual to mail as cards, but I was really pleased when I thought of Key Lime Pie.  

If anyone can think of what this card could say on the inside to make it useful, PLEASE add a suggestion in the comment section!

Edited March 2 ... I needed a quick RAK ( Random Act of Kindness ) birthday card --- and whipped out my Key Lime Pie ( had to have a kitchen theme, had to have a key) from the Virtual Stamp night challenge and pasted inside,
"That's how we celebrate Birthdays in Florida."

Here it was one of the cards I thought I would never use, and I ended up pulling it out of the stack first!


  1. Nope, I have no idea why you would send someone a card with key lime pie on it, unless you didn't really like them and wanted them to feel bad that they aren't in Florida.

  2. your face or mine??

    Yep, you are getting "out there", perfesser! But your flower pot card is darling, so I think there is still hope. And I hope the ankle is better today.


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