Wednesday, March 2, 2011

It's a year away!

It is a tradition in our family that when a child ( child???) reaches 30 years of age, it is too big of a birthday to celebrate in just one day. So I create 30 cards and mail one each day for a month. WIth David it was cards, with Amanda I tried to have all of the cards have a theme, cupcakes, and also didn't sign a lot of them and sent along a box of envelopes so she could recycle. And recycle she did ... I received one of my own cards back for my next birthday! Well, Steve will turn 30 next January and I am getting an early start on his cards. Thought of a lot of possible themes but settled on shoes and running, or might expand that theme into running and biking and races. When I think of Steve relaxing, those are the thoughts that come to mind.

I remember struggling to find 30 different cupcake ideas and am getting an early start on shoes. Will be adding photos to my sidebar as I go along. If you scroll WAYYYYYY to the bottom of my blog, you will see the 30 cupcake cards I made for Amanda. Not sure if I scanned David's, I was not quite so computer savvy in those days.

Here is card Number Two.  You will find the shoe digi here... I drew it from one of his running shoes from The Chicago Marathon.


  1. Cute! I'm shoe-r you'll come up with 30 ways to pop in sneakers or something similar!

  2. Cat, he is just so cute. What a wonderful idea and a way for you to keep coloring. I cannot wait to see the rest of the cards.
    P.S. the cupcake cards are so beautiful.

  3. Your turtle wearing shoes is adorable, but do you really want him to be wearing FIVE shoes?

    You are so good at coloring!

  4. Cat, your turtle is adorable! I love how you added the running shoes to him instead of the regular turtle feet! Slow and stead wins the race, right? LOL

  5. Thanks for sharing this image.


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