Tuesday, July 14, 2009

FLorida here I come


I should be packing but instead I am looking at my favorite inspirations. Tuesday is such a great day, I get to make a card for 365 cards which has a new surprise every day plus I get to go to a teaparty at mothermarks. Today her party is being catered by cats so of course it is a great day for me.
Since I am off to Florida, I wonder if I can get her to come visit me down there - the space shuttle is scheduled to take off this week and we can see it from our driveway, or maybe she would prefer to go to the beach and find shells and waves. However, Florida this time of year is hot hot hot so maybe I should wait to invite the girls later in the year.
My text inside this card will read:

The dog’s in the coffee,

The cat’s in the tea

Your birthday card’s late

Oh shame on me!

365 cards is at Day 136 - What is Black, White, and Red all Over?

Your Card!!! That means these are the only colors to use on your card. How's that for a challenge?

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  1. Hey, you made another! Ooh! Its cute in the red, white and black! Those cat images are so, so.....well, so like the teapot! They look a little on the crazy, onery, sorta outa control side don't they! Giggle!

    Sounds like you have some fun planned! I hope you have a wonderful trip! Wow, imagine that, a tea party on the mooon! Something to think about...and if we all can't get clearance, then maybe Florida is the next best place! Hee! One never knows!

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful cards. I been looking for you at SCS.....but I am glad I came here! Sometimes those links are a pain, huh!!



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