Sunday, July 12, 2009

Those darn brackets!

Those darn brackets are everywhere and as an English professor, it rattles my cage that they are not being used correctly and ... ahem ... it is summer, you say, so all the grammar police are off duty and at the beach?

This was my first try at a 365 cards challenge (see sidebar on left for link) and I think it was great fun. I continue in dotsy mode; and made the brackets with my tab punch which was really easy and might just convince me ( me !!! ) to use brackets on my cards more often.

As you will notice, it is one more cupcake card for Amanda's birthday. If she ever finds my blog in cyberspace, the whole surprise will be spoiled!


  1. I am so glad I found your blog! I had no idea you could make brackets that way! I didn't have anything to make brackets when I was making mine, so I punched a scallop and then a circle within it to make a sort of bracket. thanks!!
    This is a really cute card too, I love the ice cream paper and the phrase.
    I apologize for any grammatical or spelling errors ^_~

  2. Very sweet card, I am sure Amanda will love all the cupcake cards.

  3. Thanks for joining us over at 365 Cards!!! I love your card, thanks for using the brackets :) Great job with all the polka dots!

  4. Well, brackets or not, your card is adorable :)

  5. Very cute! Glad you used the brackets!! :) Great job with the sketch!



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